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Web Standards Links - 14 February 2011 to 20 February 2011

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A short edition, I have been sick and traveling last week, and missed a few things.

Web standards and Web prospective



  • Mobile UI Patterns is a gallery of usual patterns in mobile designs such as splash screens, activity feeds, notifications, etc.


  • HTML5 rechartering confirms Last Call in May 2011 and targets 2014 for reaching standard status.
  • A few HTML5 questions. Chris Heillmann is asking a few details on using HTML5 at the same time it is being created.
  • Ripple is a multi-platform mobile environment emulator that runs in a web browser and is custom-tailored to HTML5 mobile application testing.


  • ePub3 - What is the patent policy of epub?


Javascript / DOM

  • jsfx: a javascript library (with frontend) for sound effect generation. This needs WAV support from browser to work.
  • Tile5 is an opensource HTML5 mapping javascript library that provides developers the ability to integrate existing mapping platforms to provide a rich HTML5 experience.



Semantic Web

Usability / Accessibility


Promoting interoperability is at the heart of Open The Web.