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Opera 11 beta release - what is new on the technology front?

Here a simple post to have a pointer summarizing what is new/improved with regards to Web standards in Opera 11 beta.

  • access request required on Opera extensions which are simply widgets
  • CSS3 object-fit and object-position properties implemented (instead of image-fit and image-position previously).
  • Renamed the -o-text-overflow property to text-overflow, and added support for ellipsis on multi-line blocks.
  • Big5-HKSCS support has been updated for the HKSCS-2008 encoding standard.
  • Selection.selectAllChildren and HashChangeEvent have been implemented. selectAllChildren has been removed from HTML5 specification to be in another specification of its own called DOM Range.
  • Support for an initial version of WebSockets. see also IETF hybi the Websocket protocol
  • Support has been added for the W3C Web Storage API window.opera.scriptStorage property for user scripts alone.