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HTML5 Forms in Opera 11 - Milestone 65

and a few other things. Implemented in Opera Presto 2.7, Core Milestone 65 of December 2, 2010 with regards to the HTML5 elements

  • Added:
    • Support for the <progress> element
    • Support for the <meter> element

and HTML5 Forms

  • Added:

    • Support for <input type="search">
    • Support for <input type="file multiple">
    • Support for <input placeholder="">
    • Support for <input type="color">
    • Support for <input type="tel">
  • Improved:

    • Updated the language string for HTML5 Forms
    • <input type="email"> validation
    • Default value for <input type="range">
    • out-of-range @value in <input type="range">
    • <input type="email"> now supports multiple emails as per the specification
    • Autofixing <input type="url"> without http://
  • Removed:

    • Support for <input type="file min max">
    • Support for allowing a single control to be associated with more than one form
    • Support for WebForms from hasFeature

See the more detailed blog post by Andreas