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Web Standards Links - 20 December 2010 to 2 January 2011

Promoting interoperability is at the heart of Open The Web.

Web standards







  • Wirify. Make your website as wireframe. User agent sniffing is bad
  • OperaWatir. Set of ruby libraries for automating Web browsing. BSD license. See the blog post

Semantic Web


  • Chromeless by Mozilla to create the browser environment without its chrome to create applications. What Webkit does for a very long time already.
  • A censorship resistant Web
  • CELT: CELT is a general purpose, low-delay codec intended for similar use and performance cases as Vorbis, but with the additional features of very low delay and low CPU/memory requirements. CELT supports stereo, can achieve a total algorithmic delay as low as 5ms, scales well to lower bitrates than Vorbis, and currently provides superior audio fidelity to Vorbis on many if not most natural audio inputs. From 24kbps through 64kbps 48kHz stereo, it is comparable quality to HE-AAC v1 and provides considerably higher audio fidelity than AAC-LD with equal or much lower delay.