otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

HTML5, a better documentation

This morning a Web developer on a French IRC channel was not satisfied with the layout and the type of information given into HTML5 Specification. Basically, it was unreadable. What we often forget is that better specifications for implementers (more precise to achieve better interoperability) are also unreadable for Web developers. Specifications are not documentations.

He was frustrated by the way the base element was described. So I pointed him to the W3C Wiki for the HTML base element. The reaction was immediate: "It is much more readable" (despite the stylesheet which needs to be improved).

The W3C Wiki is open for edits to anyone who requests a W3C Public account. There is a lot to do, so any small modifications here and there will be welcome.

If there are also designers who wants to propose MediaWiki skins to improve the design, they are welcome.

\ PS: in case you are wondering about why I didn't point to the Developers specification. The reason is simple. The prose is the same, it is just a layer of style on the HTML5 Specification. It doesn't really help.