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List of elements/attributes having URL for value in html5

Reading List of ways HTML can download a resource, I remembered I had done such a list a long time ago for XHTML 1.1, but never published it. So I took the old list and brushed things off to adjust to HTML5.

I call passive, URLs that do not trigger download when the page is loaded and active, URLs that automatically trigger a download.

element passive active

a href
applet archive
area href
audio src
base href
blockquote cite
body background
button formaction
command icon
del cite
embed src
form action
frame longdesc src
html (xmlns) manifest
iframe longdesc src
img longdesc src
input src
ins cite
link href
object data
q cite
script src
source src
track src
video poster, src

Table of elements and attributes taking URL as values

I wonder if there is a missing index in HTML5 specification by type of values an attribute can take.