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Velocity 2011 - Performance Tools

Performance Tools

Room is full. Mention of the Hyatt strike again. Maybe is it because I’m French, but I would say to O’reilly staff… please, get over it. People fight for their rights. That is good. No need to be sorry.

In August 2009, ninety-eight Hyatt housekeepers in Boston were let go and replaced with cheaper, outsourced labor and the union has consistently held up Hyatt’s actions as an example of unethical decision-making in the hotel industry.

The Hyatt contract covers 1,800 employees who have been working without a contract since Aug.

Follow their fights on their web site : Unite Here!


Introduction of Web Page Test tool. Patrick Meenan is switching through pages, but not very dynamic in his presentations. From the back of the room, the Web pages are barely readable. He is demonstrating the record of Web pages to show how fast the page is loaded. Eric Daspet introduced all of these in a better way at SudWeb Conference, including comparing two pages in different conditions.

The code is opensource and some companies are running private instances of the code, but it is difficult to know how many are doing it. There is also an API for plugin the tool into other applications.


Craig Conboy helps discover how fast the Web site performs on Mobile devices with MobiTest. You can choose the devices you want to run on. The tool doesn’t provide a lot of choices for the devices and more exactly the combination browsers X devices. I should go on their booth to ask them about testing with Opera Mobile and Opera Mini.

I don’t want to go quantum, but when you measure, it impacts results.

They had to make changes to the code of Web Page Tests and these are back to the source code. But they haven’t (yet) open the platform. When capturing videos, the performances go down. They use videos capture every 1s.


Sergey Chernyshev is talking about ShowSlow: archiving the performance tests results. It helps to access the progress made when improving performances. That would have been useful when improved the performances of RDS and Le Grand Club when I was working at Pheromone.

It’s very hard to do visualization properly, specifically in an automated way.

Dynatrace Ajax Edition

Alois Reitbauer talks about some advanced features of Dynatrace rendering analysis, javascript tips and tricks, markers, xml comparison, benchmarking, beacon upload, external testing. The Web site of choice for demonstrating performance issues is CNN.

There is a common pattern for all these tools. They do not scale very well on small screens.

I didn’t know about Speed Of The Web Web site. It compares the Web site with the mean on other sites.