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Velocity 2011 - Performance and CSS3 - beyond the hype

Performance and CSS3 - beyond the hype

The situation has changed a lot with regards to CSS3. Browsers have made huge progress on this area. There is a place in between no features but fast and the other one full featured but slow. The middle ground is possible. Drop shadows can be given up for making IE faster, exactly like rounded corners. Nobody opens a Web site in 5 different browsers except the dev community. You can give up some features.

Figuring out the user best interest is tricky but can be a part of your strategy of development. For example Sales Forces has decided to give a different design depending on the browser.

“Can you please find the selector that slowed down my site?” doesn’t solve a lot of things. With a lot of selectors, browsers are pretty good until a plateau. Reduce selectors: Object oriented Css.

CSS can really improve the performances of your web sites. There are micro-improvements.


What is the favorite feature of CSS3?


Images are a huge part of how much a web page performs. Some images can really be removed. Major image reduction is possible using gradients and unicode characters. Shadows can be used for giving bubble effetcs.



border-radius has issues with different borders width or stackness. Be careful.


they can achieve many things.

CSS Lint

CSS Lint is a tool for checking the quality of CSS.