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Velocity 2011 - Wednesday morning - Part 2

Change = Mass x Velocity, and Other Laws of Infrastructure

Mark Burgess is starting with a “Lapalisse” comment: “We are living in an exciting time.” The industry (IT Management) is in crisis and then in transition. There are intended and unexpected changes. Change management today is built on fear of liability. The talk is once again about moving faster to beat competitions. It is interesting to see how there is a brainwash in the IT world about killing people instead of working together.

There is a risk aversion. Free software introduces an interesting difference in the process by giving abilities to people to modify their own version of the code.

The classical approach to change management is to create a lot of process around the changes built into process. But doing that, you hide a lot of things: Make it right once and then deal with incidents… too late. It is a lot better to expect unintended change and to adjust as it goes on. multicultural distributed organizations through mergers and acquisitions. The real cloud has physical diversity. We should keep this cultural diversity in the way we manage things. We have a tendency to reduce diversity by removing differences and reducing cultural differences. We have to keep things not too tight. The loose coupling is a benefit.

Software constructs a narrative for us. Software systems should support our human beings diversity. Knowledge engineering is then necessary and built into the API.

The challenge is to put the control in the hands of humans, the engineers and we can have knowledge engineering.

Lightning Demos Wednesday

Your Mobile Performance - Analyze and Accelerate

Sales Speech

From Inception to Acquisition: One Startup’s Journey through the Cloud

The cloud helps to accelerate and leverage your business plan. BUT it doesn’t replace your operations. The biggest Myth being that the cloud is infinitely scalable. They solved the limits by humans of their company explaining to the humans of Amazon. :)

The architecture can influence the business model very quickly.

Processing a lot of data helps to not solve the wrong problem with the wrong product. Monitor everything and understand what you monitor with relay to humans.

O’Reilly Radar

Tim O’Reilly talking about Web Operations. The skills of writing is to create a context that will enable people to understand.

O’Reilly touting his own prescience a bit too much… #velocityconf — jbarciauskas