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Grab a Screenshot With Opera

Nicolas Hoizey asked me if it was possible to take screenshots with Opera. We released last year a way to do test automation with Opera. It means you can use Opera with a driver that will automate the Web navigation. So I asked people working on Opera Watir what should be done for taking the screenshot of a page.

Using Webdriver (Java)

Using the java OperaDriver, there is a testcase giving an example of code.

@Ignore(value="Opera problem. Areas outside current viewport are black.")
public void testFullScreenshot() throws Exception {
  File file = driver.getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE);

  BufferedImage img =;
  Assert.assertEquals(5100, img.getHeight());

  // Make sure the bottom colour is green, not black.
  int botcol = img.getRGB(0, 5050);
  Assert.assertEquals(0xFF00, botcol & 0xFF00);


Using OperaWatir (Ruby)

You may want to use OperaWatir for testing the page. You can for example get the body element and save it as a screenshot.

require 'rubygems'
require 'operawatir'
browser =
browser.goto ''

browser.element(:tag_name, 'body').screenshot('~foo/path/myscreenshot.png')


Note: There is a known bug currently in Opera which creates a black border for the areas outside the current viewport.

Note 2: I have been told it will be a lot easier in future versions.

PS: I may have made mistakes I will fix them if any.