otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

HTTP, a little story of development

There was nothing HTTP.

  1. Then we implemented "500 Internal Server Error" because we do not know what this request is. So we learn how to handle requests.
  2. Then we implemented "404 Not Found" because the URI in this request is not known on the server. So we learn how to route them.
  3. Then we implemented "403 Forbidden" because we didn't know yet if we had the right to access the content of this page.
  4. Then we implemented "401 Unauthorized" because we had to make sure that the request is made with the right credentials. Being accessible to all is a decision, not a default.
  5. Then we implemented "204 No Content" because there was no representation for this URI.
  6. Then we implemented "201 Created" because we had to make it possible for people to add something at this URI. So we allow for content creation.
  7. Then we finally implemented "200 OK" because we can give access to the content.

PS: Do not take this too seriously. Really.