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Network Panel in Firefox 23 Developer Tools

Before Firefox 23

In Firefox 22, the developer tools offered a few neat tools.

Firefox 22 Screenshot with developer tools

One of the features I like is the search capabilities.

Firefox 22 dev tool search

There was a glaring missing tool in the user interface, the network panel to inspect HTTP requests which is key for analyzing Web Compatibility Issues.

Firefox 23 Network Panel

Starting with the release of Firefox 23, there is now a network panel showing the HTTP transactions between the client and the server.

Firefox 23 Screenshot with developer tools

I have been used to an excellent network panel on Opera Dragonfly. So let's see what Firefox 23 Network Panel can offer now.

Firefox 23 network panel

Something not obvious in the UI but to have more information about a specific resource, you need to click on it. Then a secondary panel will appear giving additional information. The information is common: status, success, size, timing, etc. A neat thing is the possibility to search through HTTP headers.

Some issues

Good work to the Developer Tools team.