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Thanks Giving Design For Planet Web Compatibility

Because of Thanks Giving in USA, it's borderline useless to try to contact Web sites owners. Everyone is replying that they are busy slaughtering turkeys instead of Web sites. Lawrence announced that we recently launched Planet Web Compatibility. It is a news aggregator on the specific topic of Web Compatibility on the Web. Think about The Daily Mail for Web sites issues. The worse things about the Web are aggregated there. The ugly grey design that you can currently see on the planet is mine. Yes I admit, I'm really as bad for design than jokes. (You see what I just did here).

So today, everyone else being busy, I decided to try give another shot and do another ugly design. Let's hope it is slightly less ugly, like by… 1 point. Anyway, the code is online. You can shoot a Pull Request on the repo to add yourself in the config file if you are talking about Web Compatibility on your blog. You can also fix the design if it really hurts your eyes.

It should be fairly responsive, if I didn't butcher too much.

design screenshot

And we will see how it resists to local CSS configuration of every individuals.

screenshot of code on a blog post

Have a good turkey