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How To Find A Bug (for Web Compatibility)

A couple of days ago, I received the following message:

Karl, quickly want to check in to see what the status is for Has your team taken a look here as there are a few issues of it rendering correctly for FF for Android?

I answered to this question, but in the spirit of Publish don't send. This is the post to explain on how to do it. If you are well versed with Bugzilla, no need to read further. If you are in the other hand a beginner, you might find interesting things on how to create a simple search.

All the work done by the Web Compatibility community is tracked publicly, so usually there is no need to ask us in private if we worked on something. Go directly to the bug tracker and search if we worked on it. If we didn't and you found bugs, please go ahead and create a bug report.

  1. Go to Bugzilla home page
  2. Click on search
  3. In the 2nd column "Product", Type "Tech Evangelism"
  4. In the 3rd column "Component", Type "Mobile"
  5. In the 4th column "Status", Select all items (click on 1st item and shift key to the last item)
  6. In the 5th column "Resolution", Select all items
  7. In detailed Bug Information section. In URL, type "priceline"

Go to the bottom, hit the button "Search".

Result: "Zarro Boogs found."

So I guess we never had a bug reported for it in "Tech Evangelism". Now if we search bugzilla as large, there are at least 5 bugs.