otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

Lightspeed and Blackhole

It's 5AM. And I watched the small talk, Lightspeed a browser experiment, by Michael Verdi, who's doing UX at Mozilla. The proposal is about improving the user experience for people who don't want to have to configure anything. This is a topic I have at heart for two reasons. I think browsers are not helping me to manage information (I'm a very advanced user) and they are difficult to use by some people close to me (users with no technical knowledge).

When watching the talk, I was often along "yes, but we could push further this thing". I left a comment on Michael Verdi with this following content. I put it here too so I can keep a memory of it and I'm sure it will not disappear in the future. Here we go:

Search: Awesome bar matches the keywords in the title and the URI. Enlarge the scope by indexing the content of the full page instead. Rationale: We often remember things we have read more than their title which is invisible.

Heart: There are things I want to remember (the current heart), there are things I want to put on my ignore list or that I think are useless, disgusting, etc. Putting things on a list for ignoring will help to make it better. Hearts need to be page related and not domain related.

Bayesian: Now that you have indexed the full page, that you have chosen good and bad (heart/yirk), you can do bayesian filtering in the search results when you start styping, showing things which matters the most. Bayesian filtering is often used for removing spam, you can do the same by promoting content that is indexed.

BrowserTimeMachine: ok we indexed the full content of a page… hmm what about keeping a local copy of this page, be automatically or dynamically. Something that would work ala Time Machine, a kind of backup of my browsing. Something that would be a dated organization of my browsing or if you prefer an enhanced history. When you start searching you might have different versions in time of a Web page. I went there in October 2013, in February 2012. etc. When you are on a Webpage you could have a time slider timemachine and or ala Google streetview with the views from the past. (Additional benefit it can help you understand your self consumption of information). It could be everything you browse, or just the thing you put an heart. Which means you can put an heart multiple times on the same page.

In the end you get something which is becoming a very convenient tool for browsing (through local search) AND remembering (many tabs without managing them).