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List Of Google Web Compatibility Bugs On Firefox

As of today, there are 706 Firefox Mobile bugs and 205 Firefox Desktop bugs in Mozilla Web Compatibility activity. These are OPEN bugs for many different companies (not only Google). We could add to that the any browser 237 bugs already collected on Help is welcome.

On these, we have a certain number of bugs related to Google Web properties.

Google and Mozilla

Let's make it very clear. We have an ongoing open discussions channel with Google about these bugs. I will not cite names of people at Google helping to deal with them for their own sake and privacy, but they do the best they can for getting us a resolution. It's not the case for all companies. So they know themselves and I want to thank them for this.

That said, there are long standing bugs where Firefox can't properly access the services developed by Google. The nature of bugs is diverse. It can be wrong user agent sniffing, -webkit- CSS or JS, or a codepath in JS using a very specific feature of Chrome. The most frustrating ones for the Web Compatibility people (and in return for users) are the ones where you can see that there's a bit of CSS here and there breaking the user experience but in the end, it seems it could work.

The issue is often with the "it seems it could work". We may have at first sight an impression that it will be working and then there is a hidden feature which has not be completely tested.

Also Firefox is not the only browser with issues with Google services. Opera browser, even after the switch to blink, still has issues with some Google services.

List Of Google Bugs For Firefox Browsers

Here the non exhaustive list of bugs which are still opened on Bugzilla. If you find bugs which are not valid anymore or resolved, please let us know. We do our best to find out what is resolved, but we might miss some sometimes. The more you test, the more it helps all users. With detail bug reports and analysis of the issues we have a better and more useful communications with Google Engineers for eventually fixing the bugs.

You may find similar bugs on We haven't yet made the full transition.

Updated on 2017-05-25

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