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Bugs and spring cleaning

We have a load of bugs in Tech Evangelism which are not taken care of. Usually the pattern is:

  1. UNCONFIRMED: bug reported
  2. NEW: analysis done ➜ [contactready]
  3. ASSIGNED: attempt at a contact ➜ [sitewait]
  4. 🌱, β˜€οΈ, πŸ‚, ❄️… and 🌱
  5. one year later nothing has happened. The bug is all dusty.

A couple of scenarios might have happened during this time:

I set for myself a whining mail available from the bugzilla administration panel. The feature is defined by.

Whining: Set queries which will be run at some specified date and time, and get the result of these queries directly per email. This is a good way to create reminders and to keep track of the activity in your installation.

The event is defined by associating a saved search and associating it with a recurrent schedule.

Admin panel for setting the whining mail

Every monday (Japanese time), I'm receiving an email which lists the bugs which have not received comments for the last 30 weeks (6+ months). It's usually in between 2 to 10 bugs to review every monday. Not a high load of work.

Email sent by my whining schedule

Still that doesn't seem very satisfying and it relies specifically on my own setup. How do we help contributors, volunteers or even other employees at Mozilla.

All doomed?

There might be actions to improve. Maybe some low hanging fruits could help us.

Other suggestions? This is important, because apart of Mozilla, we will slowly have the same issue on πŸ’‘ webcompat site for the already contacted Web sites. Please discuss on your own blog and/or send an email to compatibility list on this thread.


PS: No emojis were harmed in this blog post. All emojis appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.