otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

Old CSS syntax with prefixes

Working on Web Compatibility issues for Japan is a kind of nightmare. The two biggest offenders are first versions of WebKit flexbox and gradient. Basically Web developers hurried to use flexbox for their Web sites, but never dared fixing it when the new stable syntax had been released.

  1. Web Developers used CSS prefixes to support browsers
  2. Browsers have to support Web sites because of their outdated syntax.

When we do not update our site to include the stable standardized syntax, we do a couple of things.

  1. We force browsers to keep old code around (good luck to WebKit/Blink for deprecating old flexbox and/or gradients)
  2. We force browsers to add code to support old css on Web sites (Mozilla and Microsoft are forced to support the -webkit- syntax for giving the users Web sites which are working)
  3. We give users a broken user experience when the browsers are not fixing the site for them.
  4. The Web site owners (Web agency clients) get possibly bad press for providing a site not working in certain browsers.

Conclusion: Nobody wins!