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Working on mozilla-central with SublimeText

When I started to patch mozilla central for creating a patch, I had a bit of hard time. The file I was working on had trailing spaces in multiple places. My SublimeText configuration trims white spaces on save. It helps to keep my project sane if I forget about the end of lines. Unfortunately when you are working on files maintained by others and you want to separate the file cleaning (trimming spaces) from the actual fix, this is becoming cumbersome.

So I decided to start a sublime-project preference file for things which should or should not happen when working with mozilla central code. For now it does almost nothing, but if you know about some requirements and other things that should happen when working with mozilla central, just tell me. I will probably put it in a better place later, but for quickly drafting, let's use gist for mozilla-central.sublime-project.

    "folders": [{
        "path": "/Users/karl/code/mozilla-central"
    "settings": {
        "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": false

Change the path to your own path.