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Watch A Computing Engineer Live Coding

Mike (Taylor) has been telling me about the live coding session of Mike Conley for a little while. So yesterday I decided to give it a try with the first episode of The Joy of Coding (mconley livehacks on Firefox). As mentionned in the description:

Unscripted, unplanned, uncensored, and true to life, watch what a Firefox Desktop engineer does to close bugs and get the job done.

And that is what is written on the jar. And sincerely this is good.

Why Should You Watch Live Coding?

I would recommend to watch this for:

There's a full series of them, currently 19.

My Own (Raw) Notes When Watching The Video

Some Additional Thoughts

We met Mike Conley in Whistler, Canada last week. He explained he used Open Broadcasting Project for recording his sessions. I'm tempted to do something similar for Web Compatibility work. I'm hesitating in between French and English. Maybe if Mike was doing something in English, I might do it in French. So people in the French community could benefit of it.

So thanks Mike for telling me about this in the last couple of weeks.