otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

Mozlando - Jetlag and work [worklog]

Should I do a daily or weekly summary of my day on Otsukare?

This is a question. Something maybe I'm asking myself. I wonder how it could be useful to others and to myself. Having URIs and time archives of work is nice. Probably daily would be too much of a constraints. Weekly could be nice, I just need to be careful in opening a file at the beginning of the week and adding little by little what I'm doing. This could also help writing other complementary blog posts about the work.

What I learned at Mozlando?

I'm not sure it's measurable. But after one week of work together, it seems I accumulated small bits of knowledge here and there. I have probably forgotten to write some them down. I confirmed to myself outside of work, that I really dislike Disney venues and environments. I have been once here, same hotel, in 2002 for an XML conference. Disney Money World is uncomfortable to disgusting.

Planning about work

Some plans for working this week on WebCompat

Gmail debugging sessions with Mike and Hallvord

We had a quite productive gmail debugging session where we tested side by side the effect of the in-development-not-finished-use-at-your-own-risk the about:config preference enabling some webkit aliases.

layout.css.prefixes.webkit; true

We are not there yet, but very good progress.

Web Compatibility and Webkit platform implementation status.

We had a meeting with Platform engineers about Web Compatibility issues. We made nice progress. Roc told WebCompat team: "you need to yell more at us". Thanks to him for implementing innerText and creating an actual spec. Jonas thanked us also for the feedback we gave. Simple thanks are always very appreciated and useful. Specifically when you are working with old seasoned engineers of Firefox. It's very intimidating at first (and it is still). But these simple thanks give a lot of energy for keeping the good work. Our work having impact for users through Platform engineers. feels good moment.

Debugging Firefox

This previous thing led to my attempt at debugging something above my knowledge. I will see if I should try to understand a bit more.

Addons discussions

Discussions on outreach some developers for add-ons team, because some add-ons are broken with e10s.

WebPlatform tests by Josh

Attended the lightning talk by Josh Matthews about developing tests for WebPlatform. Basically follow the recommendations from the Test the Web Forward.

Participation team

Mike pitched 3 profiles UX, Diagnose and Outreach. Someone from india wants to help us. Yeah. Ioana met us.