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[worklog] Short week - addons and HTTP

Taking Wednesday off. This is a day off in Japan, it seems it's the Emperor's birthday. Interesting day off which fluctuates with generations when a new emperor arrives in "power". Another funny fact:

During the reign of Emperor Hirohito (Shōwa period, 1926–1989), the Emperor's birthday was observed on 29 April. That date remained a public holiday, posthumously renamed Greenery Day in 1989 and Shōwa Day in 2007.

It makes you wish that emperors would change more often and accumulate days off in the calendar.

Then there is christmas celebration. Short week. At least a lot of parts of the world are also in slow motion, so not that much mails.

Addons outreach effort

The add-ons team (add-on or addon?) has established a list of the add-ons broken in Firefox with e10s activated. The Webcompat team will help them to reach out the developers and the company. Last week, I created a private mailing-list to manage this work. dev bugs

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