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[worklog] webkit fixed! and short week.

The new year resolutions do not seem very agile to me. I usually prefer short goals, trying to tackle them. Repeat and rinse. On the other hand, this year 2016 will have a life changing event, so let's see how it goes.

Webcompat bugs

  • A form on WestJet Web site is not working properly. My tests on desktop didn't lead to reproduce the bug. So I used the remote debugging over WIFI.
  • General activity on bugs
  • This bug including issues about requestAnimationFrame is quite interesting. I haven't figured out what was really happening. It gave me the opportunity to try using a bit more the performance tool. I don't think I understand everything. But it will come one step at a time.
  • Bug 1213126 - Enable layout.css.prefixes.webkit by default. This will deserve an article by itself. We will see later, but the important news is: RESOLVED. FIXED. Respect to everyone who participated including Daniel Holbert, Mike Taylor, etc. This is very important. I'll explain why.

Webcompat dev

CSS Webkit Issues

Added this agenda item to the meeting on Tuesday. Once layout.css.prefixes.webkit; false is switched to true. What do we do with all the Webkit Firefox layout bugs? We might want to get them switched to worksforme. The same way that invalid html is working in the browser because we are coping with it. Maybe a discussion to start on webcompat mailing-list.


  • I'm using Profiles manager to start my browser with different contexts. This is very useful for Web Compatibility, aka testing with a complete clean profile. The new about:profiles in Nightly is a good idea, but the UX is not yet on par with what we currently have. So I filed a bug for it : Bug 1235284 - Profiles manager with disabled automatic startup setup
  • Wondering which message in terms of warning is more understandable in between Opera and Firefox.
  • SHA-1 certificates being blocked in one year.

    In line with Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, the target date for this step is January 1, 2017, but we are considering moving it earlier to July 1, 2016 in light of ongoing research. We therefore urge sites to replace any remaining SHA-1 certificates as soon as possible."

  • Thought of todayTuesday: I'm learning a lot more about code and good practices when I do review for other people's code than when I code directly myself.
  • Firefox Developer Tools Revisited
  • This week, I also looked at a way to record expenses on the command line. Low tech, simple and resilient. I have seen two candidates: GNU pem and a Ledger clone. Both are missing the location or an id that I can tie to a location. Maybe the format should be: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM amount id_shop category [currency]