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[worklog] HTML parsing, identifying mobile and other delicacies

In the garden, narcissus have blossomed. Tune of the week: Love is all - Roger Glover and the butterfly ball.

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

Today: 2016-03-05T10:58:24.148527
447 open issues
needsinfo       11
needsdiagnosis  112
needscontact    90
contactready    83
sitewait        102

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Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week).

  • The price of insanity this week (and it's only Monday) is, I guess, this HTML code which hits the recursion limit of our parsing in Gecko. The HTML code is generated by Google Sites. A cleaning code algorithm would be good for these cases.
  • If you are Firefox, you can not be mobile, or at least it is what CanadianTire is thinking. If you know a Web developer there, please tell us.

Gecko Bugs development

  • Short review for Mike on error handling. And I made a mistake in my review in not spotting the 3 times redefinition of a function. My bad. Mike wrote the code, but I was the one to review it, so I should have seen it.
  • Handling 413 in Flask is a bit complicated. Because it drops the connection and leave the browser to decide itself what to do. So if you are not overriding its behavior any kind of carefully crafted message will just not work. I'm hesitating here. Maybe we should be reporting the issue on the design by informing the user to not upload images more than 4Mb.
  • spring cleaning for my working environment
  • investigating the search bug we currently have. Turns out that I was blocking myself the requests. Feeling stupid. But there is still an issue for Travis.
  • and in the process discovering toSource() available only in Firefox
  • Started to write code for images upload optimizations.
  • Helped a new volunteer to be set up. This is good! Having more people participating.

Reading List

  • CSS Hot Reload in devtools

    You can now hot reload CSS and React components in devtools. To enable it, just flip the "devtools.loader.hotreload" pref and it should work without restarting, but you need to reopen any existing toolboxes.

  • wring
  • Suffolk Libraries Design Sprint. I'm sharing this because this kind of quick work week with a very focused goal and an actual deliverable at the end of the week is both satisfying for the client and the contracted people. So thinking if in London, we (webcompat team) should meet partly to solve one or two issues that we would really tackle being together. To think.
  • Farewell navigator.mozPay

Follow Your Nose


  • Document how to write tests on using test fixtures.
  • ToWrite: rounding numbers in CSS for width
  • ToWrite: Amazon prefetching resources with <object> for Firefox only.