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[worklog] Atami, a mix of new and old

I was in Atami, last Sunday, a city I like very much, because it is a bit an image of the Web. It is broken everywhere. There are many ghost buildings, abandonned real estate projects, failed businesses and the flow of new tourist and useless souvenirs. There's something with Atami which is pulling me down to Earth. Tune of the week: Gravity - John Mayer.

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

Today: 2016-04-02T07:40:06.748767
381 open issues
needsinfo       3
needsdiagnosis  125
needscontact    42
contactready    97
sitewait        115

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We had a webcompat team meeting on March 29, 2016.

Upgraded Mercurial, there is a security issue.

Adam Stevenson is restarting on the WebCompat team, and that's very good news for WebCompat. That's also cool for the Work week in London.

Talking about London. Trying to book my trip to London from Normandy in France to London. I will be flying from Japan to France in June 2016. So I will go to London from Dieppe by boat + train.

Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week).

Gecko Bugs development

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