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[worklog] Ganesh, remover of obstacles

Earthquake in Kumamoto (Green circle is where I live). For people away from Japan, it always sounds like a scary thing. This one was large but still Japan is a big series of islands and where I live was far from the Earthquake. Or if you want a comparison it's a bit like people in Japan who would be worried for people in New-York because of an earthquake in Miami, or for people in Oslo because of an earthquake in Athens. Time to remove any obstacles, so Ganesh.

Tune of the week: Deva Shree Ganesha - Agneepath.

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

Today: 2016-04-18T07:52:17.560261
374 open issues
needsinfo       3
needsdiagnosis  126
needscontact    25
contactready    95
sitewait        122

You are welcome to participate

Preparing Londong agenda.

After reducing the incoming bug to nearly 0 every day in the previous weeks, I have now reduced the needscontact around 25 issues. Most of the remaining are for Microsoft, Opera, Firefox OS community to deal with. My next target is the contactready ones around 100 issues.

Posted my git/github workflow.

Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week).

Webcompat development

They are invisible

Some people in the Mozilla community are publishing on Medium, aka their content will disappear one day when you know Medium will be bought or just sunset. It's a bit sad. Their content is also most of the time not syndicated elsewhere.

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