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PWA - Heatmap Discussions Compilation

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps. In French, it sounds like "Pouah!"" which could be roughly translated to "Yuck!". That in itself could be a good summary of these last few days.

No URLs has been harmed during this compilation (apart of one person who posted on medium, if you care about URLs, don't post on medium). I'm just keeping the list around to remember the context.

15 June 2015

Note the year… 2015

Progressive Web Apps: Escaping Tabs Without Losing Our Soul, Alex Russel:

URLs and links as the core organizing system: if you can’t link to it, it isn’t part of the web

18 March 2016

Progressive web apps: the long game, Remy Sharp:

TL;DR: There's a high barrier of entry to add to home screen that will create a trust between our users and our web apps. A trust that equals the trust of an app store installed app. This is huge.

23 May 2016

@adactio, Jeremy Keith:

Strongly disagree with Lighthouse wanting “Manifest's display property set to standalone/fullscreen to allow launching without address bar.”

24 May 2016

Regressive Web Apps, Jeremy Keith:

Chrome developers have decided that displaying URLs is not “best practice”. It was filed as a bug.

On URLs in Progressive Web Apps, Bruce Lawson:

What do you think? How can we best allow the user to see the current URL in a discoverable way?

25 May 2016

The Ideal Web Experience, Dion Almaer:

We aren’t yet at the ideal web experience, but I think that we are at least poised better with the technology and thinking around progressive web apps. It is all well and good to expect every development team behind a website to be craftsmen with infinite time to build the perfect experience, but the world isn’t like that. There are a slew of problems, a ton of legacy, and piles of work to do. All we can hope for is that this work is prioritized. —

26 May 2016


@slightlylate, Alex Russel:

@dalmaer @xeenon @adactio @owencm: if you think the URL is going to get killed on my watch then you aren't paying any attention whatsoever.

27 May 2016

Beyond Progressive Web Apps, Matthias Beitl:

This is where things collide with existing functionality. Swiping from the top is already tied to the OS, not the current app. Well, this is how things are today, we can find ways to make it work. Not just for URLs, who says there is no common ground for a slide-from-top menu that works for both apps and URLs. All implementation details aside, browsers can only go so far, the operating system must be designed to take care of those needs.

28 May 2016

State of the gap, Remy Sharp:

With time, and persistence, users (us included) will come to expect PWAs to work. If it's on my homescreen, it'll work. The same way as any good native app might work today.

30 May 2016

Regression toward being mean, Jeremy Keith:

Simply put, in this instance, I don’t think good intentions are enough.

Not The Post I Wanted To Be Writing…, Alex Russel:

This matters because URL sharing is the proto-social behavior. It’s what enabled the web to spread and prosper, and it’s something we take for granted. In fact, if you look at any of my talks, you’ll see that I call it out as the web’s superpower.

31 May 2016

Progressive Web Apps and our regressive approach, Christian Heilmann:

The idea that a PWA is progressively enhanced and means that it could be a web site that only converts in the right environment is wonderful. We can totally do that. But we shouldn’t pretend that this is the world we need to worry about right now. We can do that once we solved the issue of web users not wanting to pay for anything and show growth numbers on the desktop. For now, PWAs need to be the solution for the next mobile users. And this is where we have an advantage over native apps. Let’s use that one.

1 June 2016

You got to love the new Web… Pouah! This is the URL of an article in the PWA environment. Yuck!

I guess it's why they want to hide it.