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Some Loosely Connected Progressive Web App Silos

A couple of days ago, I collected the blog posts about Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This morning I was reading a new blog post by Alex Russel about the user experience related to the add to home screen. There's one thing which I would welcome in the user experience: The silo'ed PWA.


One thing which regularly frustrates me with the Web sites are trackers, and more specifically trackers across Web sites. My browser is a set of intimacies, a whole me which is rightly connected in my physical embodiment. I never close the browser, except for upgrades. I have 273 tabs (right now) opened. And I use uBlock and uMatrix heavily by blocking everything by default and allowing things on a resource by resource case. The reason apart of performances is to silo my individual intimacies from the outside. To make the choice to share your personal data with one site is a thing, to give a blank check to reveal your intimacies across sites is another one.

Silo'ed PWA

I can see a sweet spot for Progressive Web Apps as a silo for the relationship you decide to establish with this Web site. I really dislike centralized silos when it's about big deep pits of communications such as Facebook, twitter, and so on, but I praise for the silos you create for yourself. I may decide to share my data with this Web site, because I trust it, because I decided I can live with it.

What about having an option on the browser to always add my home screen in a private tab-like environment? Here I would feel a bit more respect for our individual complexities and diversities.

PS: It also could be a nice feature in browser tabs.