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[worklog] Mozilla work week London

I drove from my nearby village to the Dieppe harbour. Parked my car in a wrong place. Took a boat to Newhaven and took the train to London, actually three trains. And finally walked to the hotel from Victoria station. Arriving in London, I was pleased to discover a beautiful view of London from the 19th floor bedroom. This week will be less about fixing web compatibility issues and more about how we do our work and what do we hack on

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London agenda.




Keynote. Scripted text that people are reading has always been a killer for me. It lacks authenticity. Twitter loves it.


Impact on Web Authoring. * 40% are coding for less than 2 years. (visionbubble 20,000 devs). Experience is dropping every year. * when people switch from mobile to responsive the situation is improving. * schools test only Chrome. * schools are open to get best practices. * we need to act on both business (top down) and developers (down top). * Chrome devtools have awesome tools for debugging. * browser devtools are not enough. Automation does a lot. The toolchain is big. * front-end landscape is super volatile. People are recreating their apps, web site at a fast pace. * Maybe we should develop tools for Chrome devtools such as Web extension flagging issues directly in chrome. * left to implementations is kind of evil, it means implement as the dominant browser. * sometimes we are waiting too late to feature cool stuff in our tools. There's a project on talking a bit more of advanced features. * Publishing on your blog about technology is a good thing. Publish about your passion. * We will start doing video series. It's a lot easier to do a video for a core engineers than preparing a talk. * Embeddable gecko would help developers to put Gecko in their tools and so make it more visible. * Web developer needs tools who help them on the daily basis for their work not always fancy.

coordination meeting - -webkit- 48 or 49 - faster handling of issues on - webcompat extension to be faster on fixing the site - video issues: HLS is a big issue.

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