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[worklog] Edition 029. From the seventh floor

Tune of the week: Rico Loop in One Shot because it's what we basically do on a daily basis on the Web. Remixing tools, code and knowledge when we encounter them along our way to create and solve issues. The last two weeks I have been staying at the seventh floor, it offers new perspectives on the work and the mind.

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

Today: 2016-08-01T07:10:39.302548
294 open issues
needsinfo       5
needsdiagnosis  70
needscontact    16
contactready    33
sitewait        165

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And you would think that there is no issue with the way create their scripts. function openBrowser(). They could have just simply named it: function openChromeMonoculture().

Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week). dev

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