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[worklog] Edition 033. Season of typhoons. Bugs clean-up

A moderate typhoon landed this week just above us. Winds in one direction. The peace of the eye of the typhoon. Finally the winds in the opposite direction. Magnificent. The day after it was a cemetery for insects. Tragedy. So it was mostly a week for old bugs cleaning.

The spectacle of the society, the society of spectacle. The turn of international events and the rise of arguments instead of discussions is mesmerizingly sad. Tune of the week: DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

Today: 2016-08-29T07:47:04.454102
295 open issues
needsinfo       4
needsdiagnosis  83
needscontact    18
contactready    28
sitewait        146

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Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week).

  • option doesn't like display: none on Gecko at least. It hides the full list. I opened a new bug for Gecko. This is happening only in e10s windows. And there is already a patch in the making.
  • Not really a webcompat issue, but Google alerts breaking on small screens.
  • Sometimes bugs are not bugs. This is one delicate part of webcompat. Can we reproduce? Reproducing a bug is not always straightforward. It sometimes depends on the capabilities of your own devices (mobile AND desktop). But the cool thing is when the use is coming back and says "Hey sorry it seems to be working now." Thanks for this. It's very useful. dev

Reading List

Follow Your Nose


  • Document how to write tests on using test fixtures.
  • ToWrite: Amazon prefetching resources with <object> for Firefox only.