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[worklog] Edition 035. PNG can be invalid and other bugs.

Discovering a new thing to eat on a local market and Tune of the week: Pastoral Symphony - Beethoven

Webcompat Life

Progress this week:

314 open issues
needsinfo       10
needsdiagnosis  98
needscontact    19
contactready    31
sitewait        149

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Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week).

  • When your design is only working in Blink and probably not because the developer meant to make it work for Blink, but probably because it was only tested with this rendering engine.
  • A problem with PNG, not being sure of the origin of the issue, I opened a bug on Core/ImageLib. The PNG file is working in WebKit and Blink, not in Gecko.
  • When a Gecko/Firefox rendering issue is in fact a Blink/Chrome bug, probably inherited from Webkit/Safari. This is a symptom of a pattern where one rendering engine is trusted and not checked against specs and other browsers.
  • Going through a lot of the Web sites, around 100 of them to assess the ones which are working and those who are failing. I should probably something about it. development

Reading List

Follow Your Nose


  • Document how to write tests on using test fixtures.
  • ToWrite: Amazon prefetching resources with <object> for Firefox only.