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[worklog] Edition 039. kill two images with one python

Being born in France, lived/ing in Canada and Japan, The international news pages are usually my preferred source of information about the world. But when I read the non-comical farce and quite disheartening run for the USA presidential 2016, I'm dumbfounded. Quick, poetry and imagination! Tune of the week: Ol' Man River - William Warfield

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I'll be speaking in Jakarta, Indonesia for Tech in Asia 2016 on November 16.

Preparing a brownbag for Taipei's office.

Webcompat issues

(a selection of some of the bugs worked on this week). development

Reading List

  • will-change used too often. The thing I found interesting in this article is that it is written entirely from the prospective of Chrome without any tests in other browsers. This is one of the issues of the way some people think about the Web. Firefox is sending a warning in the console when people over-use will-change. fwiw the code provided in the article works very well in Firefox/Gecko and Safari/WebKit (testing in Edge would be cool too) and indeed shows bluriness in Blink (Opera and Chrome).

    The will-change spec doesn't really specify implementation details which means that Chrome's new behavior may be completely unique; Firefox might do something different, and then there's Edge, Safari, Opera, Android, etc. Perhaps Chrome requires that developers toggle back-and-forth to maintain clarity, but what if Firefox interprets that differently, or imposes a big performance penalty when doing the same thing? What if developers must resort to various [potentially conflicting] hacks for each browser, bloating their code and causing all sorts of headaches. We may have to resort to user agent sniffing again (did you just throw up a little in your mouth?). This will-change property that was intended to SOLVE problems for animators may end up doing the opposite.

Follow Your Nose


  • Document how to write tests on using test fixtures.
  • ToWrite: Amazon prefetching resources with <object> for Firefox only.