otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

[worklog] Edition 041. Web Compat team work week

This is a very short summary of a couple of things we did during the work week. There is more to come in the following weeks.

  • Done triage on and refocus on some of the milestones.
  • Hacking on some of the issues for
  • Collaborative debugging
    • Dennis, Adam: qemu-system emulator
    • Adam: VPN for international testing
    • We showed our different ways of debugging and process.
    • Debugging process can take a lot of time.
    • very useful for deminifying
  • We need to investigate viewport in Firefox and different browsers. Good stuff here. I will do it.
  • Site Patching Policy
  • Triage First steps (discussion with Adam). How do we empower the community? How do we do ourselves. Our criteria for advancing an issue to the next stage.
  • Planning Q4 and Topics list for H1 2017
    • Time for us to commit on things we need to achieve before the end of the year and things we want to move on in 2017.
  • Ligthning Talk
    • Mike explains webcompat
    • Karl talked about why is hard to get a Web site fixed. Social, economic and technical dynamics.
    • Dennis talked about MITM for hot testing a Web site.
    • Adam talked about Screenshot diffing
    • Eric talked about the situation of Web compat in China and Taiwan.