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[worklog] Edition 046 - Mozilla Work week in Hawaii

This is a very rough notebook of all the things in Hawaii, related to webcompat and other things.

Moz Hawaii 2016

  • Martian landscape, or what I imagine would be a martian landscape. There's nothing around.
  • Waikoloa resort is like a No ManSoul Land. This kind of place always give me the creep.
  • Test Pilot can help us test interaction ideas with users.
  • Don't settle - Evolve.
  • Web compat Notifications for users giving them context about that they might experience a broken Web site. It becomes a service to users if something is not working well. (Additionally it might put pressure on the sites to fix their own Web site.)
  • If you go to a conference, try to coordinate with Mozilla local community for giving another talk directly to the community. Pure love. My experience in Jakarta was a bliss more for the talk/discussion I had about the rusty Web than the Tech in Asia official conference.
  • Screencast for webcompat
  • Tantek wants to discuss Webcompat and Banks (we missed the opportunity). My first initial thought… "That will be hard. Our experiences in getting banks web site fixed is near zero. And somehow it's understandable. They don't want to trust a random contact online."
  • Meeting face to face with people is wonderful. You also learn plenty of small things about Mozilla's life (for someone who's working remotely).
  • Kona's airport is an open space, quite wonderful. Kona "city" is… depressing.

  • Deepthi issues.db. We need to move forward with this. On my plate.
  • HTTP Perf. Some resources are not cached correctly.
  • Ola working on UX will help us.
  • Issue layout. Ship it.
  • Images thumbnails. On my plate to finish.
  • Adam working on metrics. Response time workflow metrics (how long do we take time triage, diagnosis, sitewait, etc.)
  • Probably there is work to do on the Webcompat form so we help the user to send a good bug report. Employees and Community contributors
    • Consumers of bug reports: triage, diagnosis, triage
    • Developers of the Web site: python, JS, CSS
    • Add-ons related. Supporting code.
  • Talking about localizing. Still the same issue about the manpower to be able to deal with the language. Maybe we could try a test.
  • Wonderful discussion with Alex Mayorga about closing invalid issues and what is a webcompatibility issue.

Next week is a week-off.