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[worklog] Edition 047 - Drifted logs and simple summary

I have summaries for the previous week that I should probably published at least for my own record. Travels in November and December, in addition to moving to a new house and family events made the end of the year unusually very busy. So let's see very simple logs.


Python -



  • BBC and Cache-Control > (With Firefox and Cache-Control: immutable on the BBC Web site) we're now seeing ~31% fewer 304's served from our CDN edge on a subset of our static assets (which have immutable enabled)
  • The Analytics Fallacy. A good article by Anselm which reminds us about the bias of websites analytics. The browsers market share on a site reflects what the site allows. If the start of the discussion is we will support this browser X when it reaches 2% in our website marketshare and the website is currently unusable by the browser X, then it will indeed never have a chance to break through the 2% limit.