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[worklog] Edition 049 - Hello 2017

Welcoming a new webcompat team member, Ola on our webcompat teleconf.

The Japanese engineering team has moved to a new office near Tokyo station. A lot less fancy than the beautiful space near National Arts Center, but a new space for discovery and exploration.

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Reading about OKR and laughing hard:

The Objective is designed to get people jumping out of bed in the morning with excitement. And while CEOs and VCs might jump out of bed in the morning with joy over a three percent‐ gain in conversion, most mere mortals get excited by a sense of meaning and progress. Use the language of your team. If they want to use slang and say “pwn it” or “kill it,” use that wording.

Where is the humanity? Where is the individual accomplishment? And the collective realization of good? The thing which worries most is not the OKR method (it might be pretty good), but more the pseudo-intellectual mush given to managers. Instead, if you are a manager, go read Citadelle de Saint-Exupéry for example or go on a long hike in the mountains with another person. Anything which builds your understanding of humankind.