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[worklog] Edition 050 - Intern hell and testing

Monday was a day off in Japan.

webcompat issues

  • Do you remember last week the issues related to the implementation of global. Well, we are not the only one it seems. Apple announced that they released the same feature for Safari Tech Preview 21, but they had to revert it immediately because it broke their Polymer tests. dev

  • After rehacking on the two size images after a mistake I had done in one JavaScript. My manual testing are allright, but the intern tests using selenium are not even starting. I tried a couple of hours to solve it but ran in a dead end. Spent already two much time on this. At least I'm not the only one. It led to the need to update Intern, the functional testing tool we use.
  • Discussions around labels is going on with interesting ideas.
  • We also restarted the discussion about closing non strictly webcompat issues. Your opinion is welcome.
  • How to deal with a flash message on a URI just at the creation of a new issue.
  • Spent a bit of time reading and hacking on mock testing. Trying to rewrite parts of the upload images tests section using mocking, but was yet not successful reaching a working state. The exercise was kind of beneficial in some ways, because to do it we have to be better at the way we coded the uploads module.


  • Medium is in trouble.

    I’ll start with the hard part: As of today, we are reducing our team by about one third — eliminating 50 jobs, mostly in sales, support, and other business functions. We are also changing our business model to more directly drive the mission we set out on originally.

    Each time, I have read an article published on the—yes slick but not original—Medium platform, a little voice inside me told me: "If you like this article, you should save it locally. This might disappear one day." If you publish content, you need to own and liberate your content. That seems contradictory. Ownership: You need to publish the content on your blog so you are responsible for its future. Liberation: You need to use a permissive licence (Creative Commons CC0, Public Domain, etc.), so people can disseminate it and make it this way more resilient. Culture propagates because we share.

  • Dietrich on Elephant Trail This reminds me of our walk on the same trail with webcompat team in Taipei last October.