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[worklog] Edition 052 - a new button and new interesting issues

webcompat life

webcompat issues

  • webc-4305: site with larger content than the viewport not a Web compatibility issue for the larger content, but two other issues that might be interesting to dive in: the known fact that we can't scroll horizontally for this type of rendering AND the default left alignment on RTL content for content larger than the viewport.
  • webc-4309: server side sniffing for this Paskitanese website. Firefox Android receives the desktop version.
  • webc-4310: Old framesets. This type of issues is hard, because it relates to very old behavior of the rendering engines and it is unlikely there is high benefits of changing the code of the rendering with the risk of breaking other old sites. :/ wontfix? Let's open a new bug
  • webc-4311 : position:absolute. Not a web compatibility issue, just a web site with weak resilience to window width and font size. dev