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[worklog] Edition 058 - Rain, sign of spring

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  • By introducing HTTP Caching to our HTML resources, I also introduced an issue. The bug report says that people can't login, logout. In fact they can. The issue is what the page looks like, it doesn't display that the user is logged-in. It's normal I initial put a max-age of one day in addition to the etag value. In browser speak, it means that if the browser has a cached copy it will not even try a conditional requests with If-None-Match. Because during the login process we are hitting the same resource. Users are receiving the previous cached copy and don't see that they have actually logged in. A force reload solves that. So instead of putting a max-age I can solve this with a no-cache. Unfortunately, browsers didn't respect the HTTP semantics of no-cache and decided to make it a no-store. Back to the departure case. must-revalidate, max-age=0 will solve it and force the conditional request.
  • Opened quick issue about our current twitter link based on the UX research currently done.
  • Discussions about issues with dependencies and how do we handle them?
  • Discussing about the Contact page friendliness
  • We currently have some outreachy participants. Time for review and help: review
  • Our issues title areā€¦ pretty poor for now.