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[worklog] Edition 060. Watching stars through the bamboos

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More people in the team, and we seem to have increased the number of meetings, maybe just a perception. But I liked the non verbal one that Sergiu did last week. Giving plenty of discussion points and the rest of us going to it for replying during the next couple of days.

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Google says it can’t trust our self-hosted AMP pages enough to pre-render them. But they ask for a lot of trust from us. We’re supposed to trust Google to cache and host copies of our pages. We’re supposed to trust Google to provide some mechanism to users to get at the original canonical URL. I’d like to see trust work both ways.

I would add that the difference of power makes this trust unbalanced. And so when a power is asking for trust, we need very strong guarantee and counter-system once the trust has been breached.