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[worklog] Edition 065. Tensions

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  • Jetlag and fatigue. Last week, a part of the Webcompat team had an intense work week in Berlin to discuss the precise parts of developing and the strategies around it.
  • it's my 3rd time in Berlin. À la Sei Shonagon, some pillow book notes:
    • Broken glasses in many streets.
    • People drink in the streets. Sometimes beer. Sometimes in the morning.
    • Organic shops or sections everywhere.
    • April is cold.
    • Graffiti and artsy life very active.
    • Mozilla office is in an area a bit dead.
    • The subway is based on a trust system. Free access to the platforms, punch your card to validate your ticket.
    • Children ride bikes as much as adults. Plenty of bike trailers too.
  • Developer tools and web compatibility

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