otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

Things I type (when working on

There's always a sequence of things I do before working on a new branch for development.

# Probably one of the most used command for me. (See below)
git status
# back to the master branch
git checkout master
# webcompat is my origin
git fetch webcompat
# updating to the latest version
git merge webcompat/master
# opening a new branch where 1677 is the issue number and 1 is the first attempt.
git checkout -b 1677/1

Most used git commands?

Let's see if my impression was correct.

grep -E '^git' ~/.bash_history | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n15
 563 git status
 383 git diff
 211 git checkout master
 131 git push origin master
 124 git branch -a
 117 git log
  61 git fetch webcompat
  51 git pull upstream master
  49 git merge webcompat/master
  45 git fetch upstream
  41 git log --oneline
  23 git fetch webcompat;git merge webcompat/master
  20 git pull
  20 git checkout master; git fetch upstream;git merge upstream/master
  19 git fetch upstream;git merge upstream/master

This previous one is too specific because it includes the full line. Let's constraint it to the git option. git status is still the winner.

→ awk '{print $1, $2}' ~/.bash_history | grep -E '^git' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n15
 572 git status
 543 git commit
 509 git diff
 501 git checkout
 395 git push
 238 git branch
 193 git log
 186 git fetch
 136 git pull
 116 git add
  96 git merge
  82 git clone
  77 git rg
  37 git rebase
  31 git remote

If you are wondering what git rg is? It is coming from my ~/.gitconfig and is a courtesy of Anthony Ricaud.

        rg = "grep --heading --break -i"

Very useful grep baked into git.