otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

Five years

On July 2, 2013, I was hired by Mozilla on the Web Compatibility team. It has been 5 years. I didn't count the emails, the commits, the bugs opened and resolved. We do not necessary strive by what we accomplished, specifically when expressed in raw numbers. But there was a couple of transformations and skills that I have acquired during these last five years which are little gems for taking the next step.

Working is also a lot of failures, drawbacks, painful learning experiences. A working space is humanity. The material we work with (at least in computing) is mostly ideas conveyed by humans. Not the right word at the right moment, a wrong mood, a desire for a different outcome, we do fail. Then we try to rebuild, to protect ourselves. This delicate balance is though a risk worth taking on the long term.

I'm looking forward the next step, I really mean the next footstep. The one in the path, the one of the hikers, just the next one, which brings you closer from the next flower, the next grass, which transforms the landscape in an undetectable way. Breathing, discovering, learning, with tête-à-tête or alone.

Thanks to Mozilla and its community to allow me to share some of my values with some of yours. I'm very much looking forward the next day to continue this journey with you.