otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

01 - They fixed it

This is a new chapter. I'll try to move forward in a semi-regular basis. The work done by the awesome core engineers of Mozilla is essential. Some of the things they fix or explain have direct impact on the web compatibility work. A couple of years ago at Mozilla Hands. I gave a lightning talk called "They fixed it". I quickly put forward to the audience all the (webcompat) cool bugs which had been fixed by Core engineers.

  • The site Channel NewsAsia is using a transform with a rotation for their headers when scrolling the content. The headers had a wider gap in Firefox than Chrome. An issue was reported. Brian Birtles digged into the isssue. He explained in details why the interpolation looks worse in Firefox than Chrome. Firefox has implemented the new specification. Web developers rely on an old version of the algorithm in Chrome. Chrome will change soon(?) and it will be equally broken. That was quite cool, Brian. Thanks!
  • I will probably write often about the Virtual Viewport and associated issues. Basically to make it short, Chrome/Safari have the notion of a virtual viewport in addition to the device viewport. This creates a series of different behavior for websites on Chrome vs Firefox on Android. We had a lot of webcompat issues about it. So as I said I will talk more about it in the future. In the mean time big big shout out to Hiroyuki Ikezoe and Botond Ballo
  • Orthogonal to the Virtual viewport I just mentionned, there's work to expose the Visual Viewport API. Jan Henning just before christmas 2018 fixed Implement event handlers of the Visual Viewport API. This is part of the Visual Viewport interface. Thanks.