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Quick notes for Mozilla Whistler All Hands 2019

Whistler 2019 Quick Notes

(taken as it comes, without a specific logic, just thoughts here and there. Emotions. To take with a pinch of salt.)

  • Plane trip without a hitch from Japan.
  • Back in Vancouver after 5 years, from the bus windows, I noticed the new high rise condos and I wonder who can afford them when they are so many of them. People living with credits and loans?
  • All the Vietnamese restaurants just make me want to stop to have a Bun Bo Hue.
  • Bus didn’t get a flat tire
  • Two very chatty persons beside me during the full bus trip never stopped talking. A flow of words very difficult to cope with when you are tired with jet lag.
  • Noisy Welcome reception.
  • Happy to see new people, happy to see old friends.
  • Beautiful view, I just want to hop in shoes and hike the trails.
  • Huge North American hotel room with cold Air con and all lights on is a waste.
  • Cafe latte. Wonderful.
  • Uneasy with the Native American dance. Culture out of context.
  • I like Roxy Wen for her direct talk about things.
  • Stan Leong very positive vibe for Mozilla and Taipei office.
  • Less people who seemed to read a script at the Plenary. This is a good thing.
  • Overall good impression of the Plenary on Tuesday.
  • Does Pocket surface blogs which are edited by simple people. What’s happening in there? The promoted content seems to be mainstream editors.
  • Noisy environments do not help to have soft, relaxed discussions.
  • Finding a bug and being in admiration by the explanation of Boris Zbarsky
  • The wonderfully intoxicating smell of cypress in the mornings
  • Early morning and refreshing cold makes me happy.
  • Thanks Brianna for the cafe latte station at the breakfast area.
  • I guess I do not have a very good relationship with marketing. I need to dive into that. Plenary Wednesday.
  • Our perception of privacy is not equally distributed. People have different expectations and habits. People working at Mozilla are privileged compared to the rest of the population.
  • That said, there were comments during the panel by Lindsey Shepard, VP Product Marketing which resonated with me. So maybe, I need to break down my own silos.
  • Performance Workshop. We, the developers, techies are a bourgeoisie (by/through devices) which makes us blind to the reality of common users performances. This tied to the Plenary this morning about knowing the normal people using services online.
  • Congratulations to people who made possible to have a dot release during the All Hands.
  • Little discussions here and there which help you to unpack a of lot of unknown contexts, specifically when you are working remotely. Invaluable.
  • Working. Together.
  • Released a long due version of the code for the webcompat metrics dashboard. Found more bugs. Fixed more bugs. Filed new issues.
  • The demos session made discovered cool projects that I had no idea about. This is useful and cool.
  • Chatting about movies from childhood to now with friends we do not have the opportunities to see each other enough.
  • Laptop… shutting off automatically when the battery reaches 50%, keys 2 and m repeating time to time, and shift key not working 20% of time. This last one is probably the most frustrating. 2 years and this MacBook Pro is not giving good signs of health.
  • Spotted two bears from the gondola on our way to the top of the mountain.
  • Very good feeling about the webcompat metrics discussions after the talk by Mike Taylor. Closer work in between Web Platform Tests and Web Compat sounds like a very good thing. We need to explore and define the small loosely joined hooks that will make it really cool.
  • Firefox Devtools team, you are a bunch of awesome people.
  • Plenaries, for this Whistler All Hands, felt more sincere, more in touch with people with clearer goals for Mozilla (than the last 6 years since I started at Mozilla). So that was cool.
  • Loved the cross-cultural/cross-team vibes.
  • Thanks to the people who are contributing to the projects and give one week of their precious time with their family to work on the projects they care about.
  • Whistler is a very expensive place.
  • Slept through all the ride back from Whistler to Vancouver, avoiding being motion sick.
  • Staying in Vancouver for a couple of days
  • Then heading back to Japan on Wednesday.