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Week notes - 2019 w48 - worklog

The end of the 2019Q4 is approaching at the speed of light, specifically for me, given that I will be away starting December 21 until January 2. Previous instance of the week notes has been published.

Webcompat Team

  • The reassignment of Thomas to the Gecko View team for 6 months (wonderful for him), will probably make all of that a bit harder for the full Webcompat team, because he is that good.
  • The curve of needsdiagnosis is starting again to rise dangerously.
  • Having clear and shared understanding of the scope of a project help to work more harmoniously across teams. Next project, I will shake the tree until we have a clear understanding of what we are trying to do with a plan for execution with clear criteria and exit strategy. Also every stakeholders need to be included. It must be frustrating for every parties on both side of the issues. Not that any opinions is more valid than the other, but the agreement is not clearly defined and embraced.


  • Mike had to refine a bit the rules for CERT on, to allow the validity of
  • Kate (volunteer contributor 🙇🏼) proposed a transition plan to black on the metrics server code.
  • Fixed webcompat-to-bugzilla extension. It was adding a leading space to URL string, and bugzilla was not happy about it.

Webcompat Bugs

Personal failure of the week, the quarter?

So when coding the prototype for saving the images locally, I started to surface a lot of dependencies, constraints and I start to think that the initial idea was probably better, aka sending the images to S3. I'm not yet 100% confident about it. Both solutions seem simple on paper in principles, but a lot of small subtleties come into play.

I should have started to produce code before, but I wanted to explore the topic before hand. I'm still trying in the remaining 3 weeks. And we will see how far I go.

One part of the issue was probably my lack of knowledge of Amazon S3. When working on a project, there is a cultural part which is difficult to assess at first. Basically we need to learn. I wish there was an easier way to test these services. I will probably try moto as a standalone server.


Contract For The Web

Mozilla and the contract for the Web. I have basically the same position than Mozilla on this. I completely adhere to the contract, but I will not sign it.

a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law

The issue here is that some of the signatories are currently not credible at all. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. That would be different if there was a plan laid out by each of these companies how they would plan to enforce this contract for the Web.