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Week notes - 2019 w50 - worklog - Hello, someone is here?

Webcompat bugs

Outreach Q42019

We decided to try to tackle the pile of issues which needed contacts. Before we had dedicated persons: Adam and myself. But we now kind of switched roles. So without daily love, the piles of needscontact (we need to find a contact) and contactready (we need to actually contact) tends to grow. So this week, I made a special effort specifically on the contactready list. One of my axioms for Webcompat:

If you wait long enough, a bug goes away.

Indeed. The site disappears, has been redesigned, the libraries have been changed. With Adam, we had determined that if we were doing the full process quickly, we had more chances to catch bugs and solve issues for users. Reality and the volume of incoming bugs make this difficult.

Fixing the Web requires a dedicated will from the whole industry to change its practices. Web compatibility issues share some of the aspects of the climate change (except no mass extinction if the Web disappears).

This outreach week was a mixed bag of not valid anymore bugs and still ongoing issues. Once contacted, it doesn't mean the issue will be fixed. Note that this process is open to everyone. If you want to help, you are more than welcome.