otsukare Thoughts after a day of work

Week notes - 2020 w01 - worklog - First week

After 10+ days of holidays, the first morning is going through the pile of bugs and emails. I had cleaned my desk before leaving for holidays on December 21. So starting this morning was like a fresh breeze. I'm on diagnosis rotation. Let's discover the effect of holidays on the pile. I'm pleasantly surprised. Ah I see! Ksenia did the hard work. Cool.



The webcompat-bot was not only suspended by GitHub, but also all the issues with it in the repo. It means hours of work just gone. We probably need to prepare for this again. And we need to have a reliable backup of all issues (and comments) and probably events, labels, etc.

Basically we need a static version of the issues we have been working on.

In the meantime we are keeping track of the events in a detailed incident report (non public) and some information in public. We also deployed a landing page for

Once we know what it was about I would detail a bit more things.