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Week notes - 2020 w02 - worklog - Fixing the mess

What a week! Project belt-on.

So last week, on Friday (Japanese time), I woke up with a website being half disabled and then completely disabled. We had been banned by GitHub because of illegal content we failed to flag early enough. And GitHub did what they should do.

Oh… and last but not least… mike asked me what Belt-on meant. I guess so let's make it more explicit.

Seat Bealt Sign On

Now we need to fix our own mess, that will take a series of steps. Some of them are already taken.

  • Right now, anonymous reporting is disabled. And it will not come back as it was. Done
  • The only way to allow anonymous reporting again would be to switch to a moderation first model, then make it public once it has been made properly reviewed. ToDo
  • We also probably need to remove inline screenshot images. Currently the images are shown directly to users. On, our nsfw tag blurs images, but this has no effect on github obviously as we do not control the CSS there. ToDo
  • Remove illegal content. Done
  • Discussions have started on how we need to handle the future workflow for anonymous bug report.
  • Created a diagram for a solution which doesn't involve URL redirections in case of moderation.

Berlin All Hands

  • Berlin All Hands will be a very interesting work week for the Webcompat team with probably a lot of new things to think and probably for the best of the experience. Incidents can become the source of improvements.



  • Interesting read about making the meta viewport the default value. I wonder which breakage impact it could have on Web compatibility. Some websites dynamically test if a meta viewport is already available in the markup and insert it or not dynamically based on user agent strings or screen sizes. Thomas reminded me of the discussion going on about @viewport
  • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 98